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Which is your favourite search engine?

Of course, google is the best today.
Google is supreme in search engine. Upto now no one can beat it, Yahoo! is using the search with the help of Bing. I must say that Baidu of china is more innovative, but it is chinese. The list of search engines can be given in rank wise
Google >Baidu>Yahoo>bing>msn.
What about DuckDuckGo ?
After using Google directly for a long time, I'm going to switch to for privacy reasons.
From Startpage you will get the Goolge results, without collecting personal data.
Maybe an alternative for those of you who love more privacy.

Special feature: The search result is displayed in two ways, directly and via a Proxy server for maximum privacy.
Quote:DuckDuckGo is one of the most honest and even chivalrous projects on the Internet I've ever heard about. I don't know how these guys make their money but they really don't track even the smallest bit of your data. The guiding principle of DuckDuckGo is respecting your privacy, and even its search results are obtained from crowd-funded sources only, like Wikipedia. Of course, this attitude has its downsides: not including data from commercially run projects, the search results by DuckDuckGo are slightly less relevant than the ones by its competition. But everything hast its price, doesn't it?

Copy paste is not allowed. If you borrow text from somewhere else you need to put the text in quotes like above and list the source of where you got it from.
I have been using Google for years. After I had started using Linux Mint, I used Yahoo for like a month, as it was the default browser there. Not sure whether it was the fact that I was so used to Google but I just did not like it. I did not like the overall layout, coloristics and had a feeling that the choice of results is far smaller than the served by Google.

Although I would rather not use Google for the privacy issues, it is simple the only choice. Google Images, integration with Drive (which I use extensively for work and university), ease of use makes it my choice.

When it comes to Bing, I think I used it a few times, like to search for Firefox on a fresh Windows installation or back in school times, when Internet Explorer & Bing (or its predecessor) were the only choice : )

I would love to use DuckDuckGo, but as my native language is Polish, I need the search engine to work in this language as well as it does in English. And because DuckDuckGo is not yet so popular in Poland and the search database (or how to call it) is not too big yet, the search results are not as satisfactory as they are when using Google. Thus, Google vs rest of the world - 3:0.

By the way, what was the original name of Bing? Was it developed by Microsoft or it was some other engine acquired by the company?
(02-15-2014, 05:17 PM)Gregoric Wrote: By the way, what was the original name of Bing? Was it developed by Microsoft or it was some other engine acquired by the company?
No doubt acquired, like Hotmail and Skype. I was unable to load Google search engine today. Page just had difficulty loading. So I reverted back to Yahoo just for a little while until I rebooted my computer and all was well again. Reaffirmed for me there is no comparison. Google is the better search engine by far.
It's pretty much just Google these days, probably mostly from inertia. I've used Duck Duck Go a couple of times. Tried Bing, was not exactly swept off my feet. Yahoo, why bother?

The first two I ever used years ago were dogpile(a name, at least, that's still hard to beat) and Web Crawler. Ages ago I worked briefly in a marketing department at a publishing company and we used Lycos and AltaVista. dogpile was my favorite back then. Google could have been no more than in it's infancy.
google is the best :)
I am a huge google famboy and have used google since i was in middle school. So this is an easy choice. Google all the baby.
I have to say Google but it's mostly because of lack of competition. The way Google handles synonyms irritates me at times because sometimes it just makes the results less relevant. Putting quotes helps but that turns off synonyms completely. Undecided
Undoubtedly Google is my favorite due to it's huge database and super-fast data-centers. I consider others to be updated with the industry.
Same here of course. Google. Because it is so easy, and also because it is so good in comparison with what else is available. Now if someone could come up with something near as good, I'll be one of the first to support them. Tongue
I always focus on google, yahoo and bing. But Google is more popular than other search engines that's why I like google than others.
number one google, number 2 and number 3 google

i never use bing or other, but bing is good
I use Google for anything that i were looking for, because you got everything you might looking for.
Microsoft continues to try to get people to use its Bing search engine. I took their challenge and found that I liked Google MUCH better. However, I wouldn't underestimate Microsoft. Just recently, they convinced Apple to dump Google in favor of Bing for Spotlight.
I really think there is a chance for a serious competitor to enter the fray as I find ALL of the search engines terrible. When I search on topics there is just too much junk in the top results. The kind that obviously earns Google big bucks. Google is the better of the lot, but there is definitely room for lots of improvement.
I'm sure Google is evil, but for me there is no serious competitor right now. It's easy and fast. Far from perfect, but may be as good as it can get for a while.
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Googleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ClappingClapping
(06-12-2013, 01:31 PM)Genesis Wrote: I used to like Yahoo, but Google has become my favourite, probably because it is better. I'm also trying out search engines that are safer than Google, as of course Google is as good as it is because it is so invasive of our surfing and mining all of our surfing to the nth degree.
Google is simple and specialized for searching. But recently, non-relative but major web sites are often ranked higher than others. An alternative search engine may be expected.
I <3 Google
Before it's Google but now no choice is Baidu. You can only open its translation part in most of time. Yahoo give you search result too local.
Google all the way. Have you guys used their advance search feature? And Both works greatly for academic research :)
Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Srubtheweb, Enireweb, Blekko, Gigablast,.........

Once you cross number four, names looks unheard. I think with the service provided by the major players in the segment, nobody is even caring to look for an alternative. Maybe lack of my knowledge and exposure. But i have never even heard of the other names till i made a "GOOGLE SEARCH"
short and sweet GOOGLE...
You can search yahoo and google with one search engine that is For technical terms I use webopedia.
Ofcource Google
I miss as it used to be years ago! It used to give you all sorts of suggestions, as if you'd indeed asked a question, felt more "human" than the rest of them.
So now it's Google.
I would say Google, because its the most reliable one and has very big database of websites that we can search for. Yahoo is the second big one.

BTW Mozilla will have Yahoo Search by default.
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