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Which is your favourite search engine?

Google is my favorite search engine. It has always produced the most relevant search results for me. Other search engines have produced less than adequate results, and many times irrelevant links.
I like Google. I just love everything to do with Google
I have been using Bing for sometime but i recently reverted to Google. The just find that Google has more quality results specially on some off-topic searches.
First and foremost the mighty google , but i work on bing also as its the second most most searchable , now a days is also steping ahead in search engine marketing.
I think google is the best by far, but i haven't tried out many at all so there may be one that i like more but just haven't found yet.
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No doubt. Google engine is best by far. No other can fight with.
I always use Google he is the best in the world so it seems to me possible in all languages of the world to seek and anywhere in the world but we have Yandex in Russia it is often used for the country
I vote for
Uses Google engine and removes your activity traces. Or so it says.
I don't like the idea that most search engines solemny ignore most of the internet's hosted websites, but to be entirely honest I don't think I need anything else as I can find almost everything I need among the 'blessed' options. Maybe if I knew what I am missing... but I don't want to.
I have used for some time now. It has some nice features (exclamation mark syntax, plenty of open source cheatsheets, disabling locale specific content) it sometimes finds some weird but interesting stuff that google wouldn`t. Google is like a television - it`s all the same and it can`t surprise you. Of course there are some fields where google excels, for instance google books or google scholar, but I use them ocasionally. For daily use - duckduckgo is just fine. And it doesn`t trace you (so they say).
I love google...
Its perfect .
i like google but now duckduckgo is my thing cause they dont track or report anything you do. so you have less ads and less meta data.
i love using google, it seems so powerful when i need to find anything
My favorite search engine is the most popular search engine now a days, Google. Its very easy to use, and once you had an account with it, you had access to many other services.
My favorite is Bing . . . . naa, I'm just kidding. It's google, like the most of the world.

Too bad that the people in China cannot use it due to ban. They use baidoo or something like that.
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Duckduckgo isnt bad, but still go with google for 80%.
years ago this would be a great conversation. however nowadays its nothing but
Google is my way to go too. I have tired other search engines but none has able to bring better results than Google. I use ocasionally Yandex for image search, sometimes brings up much nicer images than Google.
I normally use google but sometimes i also use DuckDuckgo because it has the option to search for .onion (deepweb) Sites.
I love Google. Yahoo also good but I don't like yahoo. Cause Google is top Search Engine also best from others. I suggest only Google for using. Sometime i use Yahoo but don't have other option.
i like Duckduckgo , but i had to use Google (I hate google :|)
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My favorite Search engine is :

It is not like the Information-Grabber-Applikaion Google
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No doubt that Google has the best Search Engine capabilities we ever have, while others truly lacks searches. Given Yahoo has security issues before and Bing of Microsoft has some page loading issues, Google topples them all.
My first choice is google, but i don't dislike Bing.
GOOGLE is the best!
google is the best at this time
My favorite is duckduckgo. But often i use google because of habituation
google is the best at this time
Google has everything no others can match... Sure bing is similar but it's boring name as Google is cool, The dark theme or colors are weird i like Simple white and Google is just the fastest than Bing. I prefer google because it has everything, insanely fast speed, Most trusted, Google is the Best Search Engine that will most likely never be topped.
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for me Google is the best

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