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Which is your favourite search engine?

As I usually lack of time doing research for what I need to know, I have to use Google search engine and have no other choices because only Google can give me instantly all the information I needed from just typing the keyword I need to search. Others can hardly achieve this.

And Google can help you rank the orders of the articles so mostly I can find quality article from my search within a minute !
Depends on the search,
If you want to search an hotel, service, shop, bar or anything near to you Google is best for that always.
But if you are looking for a specific information about something more academic and don't want to see the ads of google you can always
Change to Duck Duck go.

Well, that's my particular point of view.  Tongue
I think majority of people are here like google
In search engine I will prefer Google and with browsers I will go with Firefox - open web/not commercial
I'm actually using Yandex , a russian search engine that has a powerful spider to search in the web. All my sites are indexed in few hours, and the results are much more than google or bing.
Well obviously Google but when i am concerned about my privacy i always choose DuckDuckGo over Google. And never searched Yahoo though.
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I use Google most of the time. But with the come of Windows 10 (Edge) more and more people are using Bing as its the default search engine on Edge. Thats why your website should rank high on Bing too.
(06-12-2013, 01:31 PM)Genesis Wrote: I used to like Yahoo, but Google has become my favourite, probably because it is better. I'm also trying out search engines that are safer than Google, as of course Google is as good as it is because it is so invasive of our surfing and mining all of our surfing to the nth degree.

Google has been my all time favorite search engine. I haven't found anything better than it.
(06-04-2018, 11:28 AM)x3phobia Wrote: Well obviously Google but when i am concerned about my privacy i always choose DuckDuckGo over Google. And never searched Yahoo though.

Quite interesting. I have never put DuckDuck Go into perspective. It's worth the try though.
ofcource google is the best and greatest search engine & also chrome is the best Browser for the internet.
Easy pizzy, Google is the best.
No competition

But Windows 10 Search engine, with bing , might surprise us.
Who knows
Duck Duck Go is the way to go. Private with plenty of options and on top of this, it's the safest search engine of them all.
I am a huge google famboy and have used google since i was in middle school. So this is an easy choice. Google all the baby.
It's between DuckDuckGo primarily because of its privacy orientated outlook and features. I've been using it for a while now but I also like Ecosia which uses its advertisement revenue from searches to plant trees around the world and promote environmentally friendly causes which I also like but I'm not too sure of its privacy features. If Ecosia had positive privacy features, I'd be using it constantly.
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Bing,as it includes a DEFINE feature.Really great for English learners like me.

Emotions seems to cause the force stop of my browser........
DuckDuckGo!  It gives the same results as Google, but it doesn't track you.  You get a little more privacy.
I've seen quite some people that has switched to duckduckgo, but for me ... i think i'll stuck with google for a while longer i think, i'm used to google
Are there other search engines beyond Google? Biggrin
(07-28-2019, 08:33 AM)elezionioggi Wrote: Are there other search engines beyond Google? Biggrin

Great question. I use both Mozilla Firefox and Chrome 50/50, Mozilla still being my default browser. I'd prefer to support Mozilla because Chrome is Google and I think it's become too big and too controlling, but Mozilla lately has been moving into the same direction for me, irritatingly so. Lately, when I try to use F11 for whole screen for streaming my movies, with Mozilla the top index still stays visible. So for streaming movies looks as though I'm with Chrome again. Like there are just things that Chrome does better. Chrome is not always good with searches these days though, like it comes up with junk links at the top of the search. Then I try Mozilla Firefox and sometimes it is better. It would be great is we could find a browser that has the best of what Firefox and Chrome and Opera can offer. Why do we see the same browsers all of the time anyway? Like are people too lazy to go out and compete with them?
I think Google is the most popular search engine among users, providing 90% of the search engines worldwide. This search giant uses powerful and intelligent algorithms combined with the implementation of AI that provides personalized and integrated experience for users.
I use google for most search. sometime Bing is the second choice. for searching in Russia, yandex is preferd. Chinese market is baidu.
I usually use from InfoSpace. It, in and of itself, is not an engine or spider. It searches and compiles the results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo (all using different algorithms) while eliminating the would-be duplicates. Its pages and results are pretty clean and not all cluttered like the engines. I usually find exactly what I am looking for pretty quick. My dad turned me onto Dogpile over 20 years ago and I have been using it ever since. While I love many of the Google products, their search engine isn't one of them!   Wink

However, if I am looking for images that are free to use and alter (because I can't find what I am looking for on Pixabay), then I use Google since it has a tool to weed out images that are copyrighted. 

And for videos, I use YouTube of course! (A Google product).
[Image: p5gKuvA.jpg]
I don't have any doubt, the best is google in my opinion. Maybe because is the most used, and google have more experience... but yahoo or bing don't have enough users now.
(07-28-2019, 08:33 AM)elezionioggi Wrote: Are there other search engines beyond Google? Biggrin

I don't think... maybe Alphabet?? Diablo
I can recommend the have acceptable search results because the search with bing in the background. But the main advantage is that they are planting trees with your search queries and are running their severs CO2 neutral. 

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