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Mozilla, chrome or IE ?

Mozilla Firefox:
+ Lots of add-ons, themes, easily adaptable to your own needs.
+ One-click bookmarks
+ Scrolling tab bar, very nice at 10 and more tabs
+ Phishing protection
Installed + RSS Reader
+ Cookie White-/Blacklist
+ PopUp Blocker konfigurierbarrer
+ Web search (eg Google, Leo, Wikipedia, etc.) via shortcuts directly in the address bar à la Opera.
+ Tabs can be moved to other windows, implementation not yet really snappy.
+ Private Browsing

- No support for keychain.
- Still not 100% Mac-like.
- Just ask htaccess secured site always, even though the password is stored..

IE 9:
+Designs . Some websites are doing for their designs specifically for Internet Explorer . Some features of this site with Firefox , so you can not use or are having problems with Firefox visually . In particular, non-standard and Microsoft's ActiveX technology mainly uses the site can not be displayed properly with Mozilla Firefox . Designers terms of a bad score , but still some popular sites , including the corporate do not stop doing it .

+ Performance . Slower than Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer opens and uses more system resources . Pages load faster , despite the overall system more than the level of exposure . Of course, here are some of the components of Internet Explorer is already running on the system in the background, without specifying , however, that I should also load faster .

+Security . Firefox 's security problems of his own . However, describes this type occurs when Mozilla patch off publishing and outdoor performance higher than Microsoft . So if you are using Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer If you install the updates immediately brought up a wide range of security problems within the circle of danger not found .

- Windows XP: Internet Explorer 9 does not work on Windows XP. Microsoft itself recommends Windows XP users to use the previous version 8, which is in many tests slower and less secure than other browsers. Here it is unique to Windows XP users to access to a browser of another company.
-Dowdy : The version 9 basically works really great and fast, but the appearance and design still depends on other browsers to lengths behind. Although it has been cleaned up, and so the design is now a simple , but nevertheless , the browser looks messy . If you open a new tab , for example , opens a window open with the most popular pages by default. A similar function is also available in Opera ( and with extension also in Firefox and Chrome) , but there itself configurable. In Internet Explorer, here is the change of Favourites difficult.
- Less than competing extensions : Regardless of whether plug-ins , add- ons or other extensions - Internet Explorer here has rather little options for customizing the browser , although one would wish some functions .

+After installation, you get a desktop icon again that the ugly background's a bit more covered.
+Thanks to the integrated anti-virus installation wizard, you can always keep their viruses to date.
+You can have the same website opened several times in the same window. Such a thing is called tabbed browsing
+ It is often faster loading of web pages
+ The "AutoComplete" function works so well, as if she could read minds
+ The design is cool
+ The Chrome Advertising on Google is no longer displayed

- You'll spied by Google
- Deleting the browser history takes forever
- The "" Settings "" are not very profound
- Each new tab to start a new thread in Task Manager
- There is no such a great Blocker as AdblockPlus for Firefox

.....what do you use for a browser ?why?
I use FireFox most of the time, because of its plugins like the pagerank plugin for example that I use.

Personally I hate Internet Explorer because it crashes an awefull lot.

And I also hate the browser from Google because I believe it spies for Google.
I use Google Chrome because the others are slow or simply don't work for me. Internet Explorer is a great example of this. Every time I open Internet Explorer, it freezes before it loads the page. Mozilla FireFox is a great browser though it's much slower for me than Chrome. For some reason, flash never downloads/installs correctly when I try to use FireFox. If I could figure out the flash thing and speed FireFox up, I would use it over the others in a heartbeat.
Mozilla Firefox is the most used browser and proven to be fastest browser by many tests.
(12-22-2013, 07:04 AM)Inception Wrote: Mozilla Firefox is the most used browser and proven to be fastest browser by many tests.
I'm unaware of that. In my own personal experience, although I'm a Mozilla Firefox user, Google Chrome is faster. I don't support Google however as I regard them as a Big Brother large corporation being much too intrusive and curious about my movement on the Internet. I hate it when any one to do with computers and computing are supported to the extent they become so large and powerful that they can start to dictate how Website owners need to go about their business.
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(12-22-2013, 07:04 AM)Inception Wrote: Mozilla Firefox is the most used browser and proven to be fastest browser by many tests.

I keep hearing this from so many people, but it's always super slow on my computer... I don't have any addons slowing it down (because I don't have any lol) and I have more than enough RAM on my computer (8 GB) . Anyone else have the same problem or is it just me?
Same here Lestaria. Except it's not super slow. It's reasonably fast, but not as fast as Google Chrome.
(12-22-2013, 07:29 AM)Genesis Wrote: Same here Lestaria. Except it's not super slow. It's reasonably fast, but not as fast as Google Chrome.

Good to know I'm not the only one :) I may have slightly exaggerated the "super slow" part though :P It just seems like it is super slow since I'm used to Chrome being faster.
(12-22-2013, 07:04 AM)Inception Wrote: Mozilla Firefox is the most used browser and proven to be fastest browser by many tests.

If I look at the AWstats from my websites its not. Chrome is by far the most used browser.
(12-22-2013, 07:24 AM)Genesis Wrote: I don't support Google however as I regard them as a Big Brother large corporation being much too intrusive and curious about my movement on the Internet.

I use Chrome occasionally and it always gives me a feeling of discomfort and unease about what might be going on in the background. I always try to launch it, do whatever it is I'm doing and shut it down as quickly as possible. Rather a sad and disappointing statement about Google.

I use Firefox 95% of the time at least, taking advantage of a number of plugins.

About the stats, I don't know if this is still true or not, and I'm too lazy at this moment to check, but it used to be that Firefox was used more than any single version of IE but if you added up the different versions, IE was still more widely used. I don't know if anyone does that with Firefox and certainly not with Chrome as I never know (or even care) what version I'm using. I would love it to now be the case that Firefox is used more than all IE versions combined!
I tried Chrome as a summer project this year. I always stayed away from it, but then thought I could not comment on it if I hadn't used it. My main criticism was not being able to get rid of cookies and history, etc., i.e., Google mining my surfing habits for info, but after a few minutes found I could use Chrome settings to get rid of cookies, history and not remember passwords, etc. without much difficulty. Sort of worked well, except I had to fix the settings for every Chrome Session. Unless one saves it to a Google Account, which I'm reluctant to do (that is where Google usually starts its mining of my info), the settings are not saved like for Mozilla Firefox that intuitively remembers the settings of the previous session .... I used Chrome alongside Mozilla Firefox and Explorer with Windows 7 and above average specifications desktop hardware, for three weeks. I found that Explorer was a real pain, and very soon, like during the second session, dropped it completely. After a while of using both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox I got a good feel for comparing both. To my "disappointment" Chrome proved to be faster, smoother and more efficient. Gotta give the devil its due. At the end of the project I decided to stick with Mozilla Firefox however as it is not too bad speed wise, and it is independent, open-source and non-profit. Don't know how it will survive before one of the big guys buys it out, but until then I'll try and support it as much as I can.
I don't like Chrome's rendering engine, I mean, it loads faster but the way things display... Ew.
Chrome f***s up a lot of older basic HTML websites, thats for sure.
I love mozilla Biggrin
I ´m using Firefox (Iceweasel) since many years as my favorite browser.
I love the possibility to extend the browser with lots of add-ons, according to my own taste.
Additional is Chrome available on my system.
I mainly use Mozilla FirefoxYahoo . One of the key reason for using Firefox is for the RSS Feed & AddonsCool But I do use chrome occasionally.Search
Chrome Faster than all the others, more secure than all the others, more reliable than all the others; and in general the best web browser out there. It lets you sync with your Google account and bookmarks easily, as well as having other functions such as a massive range of themes,
You're right Cocinalo. The only thing I have against Chrome is it belongs to Google. Tongue
IE is used for downloading FF and chrome/dragon, then it's FF or dragon all the way...
That's the only use I ever found for IE, as well. I don't even keep up with the updated versions.
I use Mozilla Firefox 95% of the time i'm browsing the web. The only reason I have to use IE or Chrome is for browser compatibility when I am designing websites.
I have a them all (Firefox, Chrome and IE), but mostly I always use Firefox for browsing on Internet. Beside all the reason that the guys mentioned before, You can costumize your Firefox look like this...

[Image: untitled.jpg]
A Cup of Coffee. Drinks
I use Chrome most of the time.
But Chrome gets buggy/weird when there are third-party plugins installed.
So when I find anything weird, i use Firefox to get the job done.
And then use Chrome again.

I just feel that Google delivers something good, so I just use Chrome.
although i agree that Google is good, i feel I'm doing something better if i support firefox. google is big brother.
Mozilla Firefox is the most used browserc and its my favourite
i prefer google chrome because i use it for browsing. I also use IE for PHP coding.
I used them all and I liked to say that chrome's the winner to me!ClappingGood
Use Google Chrome for researching.
lot of add ons and extensions

firefox for website creation

internet explorer for router and networking configuration
[Image: proudlypinoyontrans.png]
Like Chrome.
But some website won't load properly.
And min. text size limit is stupid.

Firefox is a bit slow.
But can load most of the sites.

So I use Chrome most of the time.
In case the site can't load by Chrome, I will switch to Firefox.
But some sites can be loaded by IE only, so still use it when needed.

Dropped Opera for long.
(03-26-2014, 04:26 PM)ha_97 Wrote: Dropped Opera for long.
I was just about to try Opera out. If I may ask, what was your reason for dropping Opera?
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