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Subdomain or Subfolder which one is better for SEO?

I would like you to tell your opinions and experiences about this subject.
If I already have a good ranked website in root domain and want to create an additional subsite, but with a slightly different niche, but not completely different. Should I create it with subdomain or should I create it in subfolder.
What is the better way for SEO?
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Subdomain is better for SEO
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If the site is in completely different topic / subject the better go with sub domain. If the niche is related to the existing one prefer sub folder.
Note I am not a expert in this but my best option from my experience.
Using subdomain is better for seo, I've experienced it with my joomla site. the sitemap url is better for a subdomain than a folder

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Subdomain or Subfolder which one is better for SEO?532