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Best Tool to Acquire Emails From Your Visitors on WordPress

Hi, I've browsed the whole forum but didn' find any knowledge on this tool, so I find it essential to post.
Here is a free tool that you can use on your website to increase your subscribers and convert them into paying customers.

Hello Bar- It's a free tool and provides all the features you need in its free version. It will add a slidebar in your website within which you can add a "Tripwire" or a "Lead Magnet" and opt for email addresses from your vistors. The slidebar is customisable and it also provides analytics on the impressions, email collection from Hello Bar.

Do try it out if you want to increase your email subscribers. 
Hello Bar :

Zoheb Shaikh
There is no end to learning, when you stop learning is when your brain dies.

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Best Tool to Acquire Emails From Your Visitors on WordPress554