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Lets go talk about computer specs, post yours here

I'd rather not, all I can say is it's horrible.
I love my nice little rig. It serves me well and I always look to upgrade when possible.

Intel Core i7 6700k @ 4.8GHz
Corsair H115i
Avexir Core 16GB
Sapphire NITRO R9 380X (Upgrading to RX Vega when custom cards come out! Probably from Sapphire/XFX, although the limited edition reference cards are very nice.)
Corsair Obsidian 450D (Gonna upgrade that to the Phanteks Evolv soon)
Corsair RM650
250GB Samsung Evo 850 SSD
1TB WD Blue drive
Dell SE2417HG 24" monitor (Also want to upgrade to a 27" FreeSync monitor!)

Got some upgrades in the pipeline, need to save!
I just dug up an ancient PC from my attic. It has 1GB of RAM. RIP

My main PC has 12GB of RAM, AMD A10-7800 Radeon R7 CPU with 12 Compute Cores 3.50GHz and a Geforce 750 Ti GPU. The rig is fair for gaming, can run most games 60fps at 1080p, which is good enough for me!
I own a HP Pavilon 15 p-002nia with the following
CPU : Intel i5 4210u @2.4ghz
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 840m
Ram : 6GB DDR3
Storage : 750GB internal, plus 1TB external
I just got a new laptop for a bargain. My old laptop's integrated GPU got fried and the screen was flickering. So this new laptop has a nice dedicated GPU.
CPU: Intel i7-8550U
Storage: 1TB HDD 5400rpm (it is slow, i plan to upgrade it to an SSD)

I also have a Seagate external backup drive of 1TB where I store all my useless games that I never play often...
That RAM is to die for. NVIDIA is awesome. That really looks like a great bargain. Congrats with the new laptop! Cool
The best computer and card I could get at BestBuy in 2012
6x AMD FX™-6100 Six-Core Processor
Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
GeForce GTS 450/PCIe/SSE2
 Logitech G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse
 Mini Keyboard
 EST Gaming keyboard
ATA ST1500DL003-9VT1
Got it at Bestbuy back in 2012

Processor        : 6x AMD FX™-6100 Six-Core Processor
Memory        : 10009MB (7310MB used)
Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
GeForce GTS 450/PCIe/SSE2
ATA ST1500DL003-9VT1
Intel i7 8700k
Gigabyte H310M S2V
8GB Ram
512GB Samsung Evo SSD
BeQuiet Pure Power
Main box:
Intel 5960x
X99e-itx motherboard
1tb ssd
16gb ram
Titan X
All in a itx case

Browser box
8gb ram
240gb sad
90w picopsu

Sips power for web browsing. Both are hooked to a 3440x1440 ultrawide
Intel i7 8700k
Gigabyte H310M S2V
16GB Ram
1024GB Samsung Evo SSD
BeQuiet Pure Power
Intel Core i7 770k GTX 1070 32gb of ram liquid cooling system 500gb samsung evo ssd 2tb hdd
Ram = 32gb 
cpu = more that 3ghz 
video card = 6gb and more
ssd is need 
most usb3 and c type 
and also 4k screen 
best on laptop
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 - 4790K
  • RAM: HyperX DDR3 8GB
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
  • MotherBoard: Gigabyte z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming 2.0
I Have HP Laptop With
8 GB Ram
2 GB Raedon AMD Graphics Card
P IV with HT 3 GHz 2 GB Ram. 80 GB Ram. windows xp lolx
Intel Core i5
Cpu 2.5GHz
8GB Ram
64 bit
Windows 8.1

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