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GFX Admin - Misharnet

GigaRocket is proud to announce the appointment of @misharnet as GFX Admin. Misharnet has made a huge contribution to the graphics of the former GigaRocket and new GigaRocket. He has also given Gigarocket's Facebook and Twitter accounts a much needed face lift. Not only has he embraced all of the graphics with great enthusiasm, but he has also taken firm command of the administration and SEO of our blog, facebook and twitter accounts.

On behalf of the owner, @DJB, a hearty congratulations Mish! Drinks
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Congratulations @misharnet Thank you for your amazing contributions. Keep up the good work.
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Congrats @misharnet  Drinks Well deserved!
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Congrats! Well deserved!
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Congratulations!  Yahoo

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Thanks guys!
Congrats @misharnet! Clapping
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Congrats! Well deserved!
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Good job!
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