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Music instrument players, anyone? (yes, voice is an instrument!)

No Thing here
Normality is a perseption based on someone else's jaded opinion.
I play guitar since 12 years ago approx. and my brother plays drums.
Anyway I consider me an amateur, I never studied seriously the instrument or music theory.
My brother however... he is a f***ing genius!

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I've played piano and saxophone since i was nine years old. I think it's fun even than I'm still not better than Mozart.  [Image: lol.gif]
The best to learn guitar is youtube. I've found a good channel called Aula de Violao. There's a lot of tutorials to get started. Follow the link
I have been playing the guitar for 10 years now. I have also recently started to teach myself how to use a launchpad.
I m playing violin for 6 years, i like it, if you want to start play it, better find good teacher who will study you, it will be so hard to do some things without good teacher and internet sources wont help you to solve your problem. Its not very expensive. And you ll see the difference.
I learn guitar and flute ! I enjoy guitar but i don't like flute . I play for 2 years with teacher. I want learn electric guitar...
I've start learning guitar when I was 15. Now I've created a band with 2 trumpet, acoustic bass, percussions and guitar. We play standard jazz and latin music. I will post our video when ready.
I'm playing piano for more than year now and i love it. I consumes a lot of time but it's beauty full.
I started playing guitar when I was 14. It were just some simple rock songs. The greetest upgrade in my playing was at 16, when I've gote musical notes of 'Nothing else matters'. After that I found the world of classical guitar.
As a child I had piano lessons for 6 years I think, but I picked up a guitar after that and never looked back. It's kind of useful having had piano lessons, as I can read sheet music because of it. But honestly, most of the songs I learn on guitar I learn either from YouTube or from tabs, which is just way easier to read.

I have always wanted to be able to play the drums as well though, but I guess when I was younger my parents felt bad for the neighbours or something.
I aged the trumpet for roughly 4 years. I became quite good at it, though I didn't appreciate the indent it left on my lip. Lol. I practiced for about 4 hours a day, so yeah...i got pretty good. I focused mainly on blues.

Highschool was a hell of a time, though there was no band camp. (Tear).

I gave it up when I got older. I still have my Bach packed away, just waiting for me to play it again.
I've been playing the piano for 13 years, since 8, and started singing 6 years ago.
I love playing and singing! Every year, there's a little music festival called QMF (Quantum Music Festival), where my friends and I get to perform.
I bought a Keytar like a week ago, so we can perform with it in next year!
In highschool I played the trumpet and baritone quite well. I favored classical. Though over the last year, I picked the trumpet back up.

My preference of music to play now are the Blues. I just can't get enough of it. But, I can't stand jazz. Never could.

To each their own I say!

I’ve played piano for around 30years, though almost none of that was by sight. I’m not one of those that can just play anything I hear either though. I started morphing chord progresssions to the point that most of my “mistakes” became the music I love. It was more of a personal escape to me I guess. Others I like to play for seem to “get” what I’m doing ... Nothing like just losing yourself in music transitions - therapy of life
I play with piano one years, when I was younger I learn how to play with piano and now I can play only one song, but every time I want to good on this thing. But very much time need to start be good on this.
Yes. I have played keyboards on and off since I was 10 years old. Im now 52 and have just set up my keyboard in the front room for the first time in years just to have a little tinkle once again Friends
I used to be in the band at school - I played the drums and it was quite fun. I haven't played for a few years now but I was very good at it when I was in band
I received a guitar as a present from one of my best friends years ago and I've played ever since. I don't plan in making a career out of it or anything as such, but it relaxes me and it's extremely calming and I guess a cool skill to have.
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Music instrument players, anyone? (yes, voice is an instrument!)563