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Hey Guys, don't forget we have a GigaRocket Blog

HI, welcome to our newest members, its great to see some discussion happening here at GR - the Post 2 Host model is for that purpose - these resources don't come free, and the motivation for GigaRocket is a genuine desire to help anyone one with a desire to learn and share information. 

So, in the spirit of 'Freedom of Information' - I'd like to point you to our Blog. @misharnet - has worked hard and is responsible for the wonderful design of our community website.

Now he is turning his hand to our BLOG - HERE =) 

There are some great articles - however, we would like to make this site really pop - so send us your suggestions and if you'd like to write - well, get in touch!
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Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
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  • GigaGreg
It's an excellent Blog and I can vouch for excellent articles by GigaRocket's blog team @misharnet t and @c0nvct. @misharnet is a specialist WordPress Programmer and Developer and as such is sharing his expert knowledge in some informative blog articles. Here are some brilliant tips about WordPress SEO for beginners - well worth reading by experienced users too:

For those who are VPS beginners @c0nvct's has provided an excellent tutorial about how to set up a VPS with Ubuntu:

Is a VPS really needed for a web hosting of a basic static website?
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I just had a quick look at the categories and look forward to some bedtime reading, the ones on website monetize most interest me.
I am a beginner. coming to gigarocket for the sake of learning. I found the blog is very helpful on my learning. Hoping to finally created my own project next.

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Hey Guys, don't forget we have a GigaRocket Blog51