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Gutenberg Editor: Is it the End of WordPress?

In case anyone doesn't know, soon WordPress is going to add a new editor called Gutenberg. It resembles WYSIWYG website makers such as Wix, and a lot of plugins and themes are going to break because the coding syntax it supports is different. Early testers have also noted that it is very buggy and have given the plugin version many terrible reviews. You can find a more in-depth explanation of Gutenberg online. Needless to say, the drastic new focus of WordPress towards casual non-coders with a buggy new editor has forced many developers to speak out against it, and some have proposed that WordPress fork itself to avoid the future problems with plugins and themes, as well as the user backlash because of them.

What do you think about this? If you use WordPress, what are your plans going forward? Disable the editor with a plugin? Stay on 4.9 for a little while despite the possible security risks? Try to live with Gutenberg? All of these things have been suggested by people online. I want to hear what you all think about Gutenberg.
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Difficult to say. For my old sites I'll probably do everything to protect them with how the plugins are working now and stay with 4.9 - hoping some of the bright WordPress developers will work on plugins to update the "old version". But I'd probably also try to be adventurous and give the new Gutenberg a try for new Websites. I still remember phpBB when it had to go for a MAJOR script change from Version 3.0 to 3.2. None of the themes worked any longer and in the end designers found it was better to redesign the themes from scratch. phpBB felt it had to take this huge plunge to keep in touch with new technology, but I'm not so sure it ever got to its 2012 flourishing times - like I checked it out last week and it never managed to take off as people basically dumped phpBB for myBB. So maybe with WordPress the coders and designers are looking at the future of design and recognizing they need to make a radical change to keep in touch with new technologies in design. It's something that they don't have much control over and trying to control with going into a certain direction. So maybe this is going to be a fork thing, and there are enough support for the old version of WordPress for some of the developers to keep on making updates. Time will tell.

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