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Best alternative to WordPress?

It depends on what you want.

As far as I know,if you want a company webpage,and if you don't mind (maybe) somehow complicated admin tasks,try Joomla(note its plugin directory have some paid plugins).

For a personal blog,there are many choices,and I prefer serendipity for basic blogging.

Well,you may want to search the web and decide yourself --many systems offer online demos.
Wordpress is really a one stop shop and I've yet to find any CMSs that hold a candle to it. Joomla I guess would be some where close, but I feel that it is not user friendly at any capacity, so I've always built sites to work with Wordpress. I currently have a website and I am creating a blog series for my business that talks about Wordpress in detail and how to make it really fit your needs and I have been thinking about a basic tutorial about creating your own themes for it.

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