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Best alternative to WordPress?

I'm currently using Ghost CMS, it seems that it's faster than WordPress but it's for blogging only and it needs Node.js support, it also doesn't have much plugins yet
It depends. What do you want to do?
shopify can be a good alternative if you want to build a online shop!
It depends on what you want.

As far as I know,if you want a company webpage,and if you don't mind (maybe) somehow complicated admin tasks,try Joomla(note its plugin directory have some paid plugins).

For a personal blog,there are many choices,and I prefer serendipity for basic blogging.

Well,you may want to search the web and decide yourself --many systems offer online demos.
(04-19-2018, 09:43 AM)olidev Wrote: OctoberCMS..

I second that, octobercms is super fast,
not demanding, and renders beautifully on various platforms,
it has some design features I haven't fully investigated yet,
it has template that is very similar to Moustache ;{0 which is perfect if you're a new-age web-developer,
it can work well with/without javascript support in pages, since a lot (as it should) of the layering is raw HTML/CSS based,
and you rarely see visual glitches or slow DOM such as WordPress.
it implements a lot of HTML5 good practices of design patterns, as well as secure database access in a way that is not blocking the UI.
you can do perfectly well without any plugins/extensions but there are some. works well with other security features such as htaccess tweaks and server load-balancing (intro
Wordpress is really a one stop shop and I've yet to find any CMSs that hold a candle to it. Joomla I guess would be some where close, but I feel that it is not user friendly at any capacity, so I've always built sites to work with Wordpress. I currently have a website and I am creating a blog series for my business that talks about Wordpress in detail and how to make it really fit your needs and I have been thinking about a basic tutorial about creating your own themes for it.

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