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AWS or Azure?

Which is the better service, and why?
I haven't tried Azure, so I cannot Comment on this one.
AWS is more familiar and popular, t least i think so, but I have to admit that I had troubles, several times with AWS+MyBB installations, especially Bitnami ones ...
Well I used AWS only for RDP,windows server,but i can say AWS is user friendly,fast,responsive plus their support staff is great,they will help you with everything,im not sure but i think they are more expensive than Azure,but dont quote me on this one tho.
If you must chose between them i would go for AWS its more popular,it must have reason for so.Both have free trial so that might help you decide,overall i would pick AWS but that is only because i used it before so i know how things goes there.
I think AWS is better in this regard, because it has better support, and more images to get started. 
But you have to look for yourself, if you cannot decide. They offer free trials.

Just my thoughts :)
Aws is good . microsoft login is very boring Sad it will take more time , more pages ,more details . It is wasting time
AWS has much better national network connections and many MMORPG campany used AWS servers . So i think AWS better and better known.
I haven't really used AWS much but Azure is a huge mess. Maybe it's just me but it takes forever to do anything. Everything is hidden on pages and the said pages take forever to load. I'd say most things are better than Azure.
Azure. It's superior to AWS in every way imo, and has built in tools for automation, scripting, and pre-configured solutions that you can deploy automagically.

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AWS or Azure?355