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Hey guys,I know how to program in python,some C basics from Arduino tho...
My question is do you have some IDEs to recommend me,I DONT want to use Visual Studio,its not that i dont want to but it takes a lot of space,recently my HHD died,old 1TB no brand HDD from eBay(since i cant afford something branded).So im left with 256gb SSD,so im trying to save up space untill i get money for new HDD,saving money for trip.
So let me get to point,are there any decent IDEs for c/c++ that dont need like 15 gb of space or so?
Thanks in advance
There are two worth in my opinion as I used to do C/C++ for a bit: Which is 107 - 110 MB or 221 MB with all extensions Around 330 MB
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Thanks for the links Biggrin
Code::Blocks seems to be pretty popular, but personally I use Geany.

Geany is very simplisitc (probably too simplistc for most people's liking) and the Windows installer is only 15 MB. It doesn't come with a C++ compiler so you will have to install one yourself. If you choose to use Code::Blocks on Windows you probably want to install a more up-to-date compiler anyway because the one that's included is a bit outdated and doesn't have support for all the new features that was added in C++11, C++14 and C++17.

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