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which is best way to create GUI based app?

hi i m currently working on python based projects, so i want to create an GUI app in which i can stream opencv videostream, so any best way to create GUI using python?
i have suggestion of using Tkinter and PyQt4. which is best?
I used Tkinter,its easy to implement and it easy to use,Pyqt4 never used it tho so cant say much,but tkinter is easy and fast and very responsive so yea...Give it a shot
yeah tkinter is very flexible, i made bunch of GUI with it, but in other threads some developer suggest me to implement in qt because it is good at handling complex structure that gives good layering like gui based on dot net and java
Ummmmmmmmm... this is easy... VISUAL STUDIO of course!

They have click and drag type s*** and its so easy dawg

     I want to develop some python apps, i see that Tinker is the best option. Documentation is very complete also a comunity can help you.

Best regards
Advantages of TkInter:
  quick and easy to get something working
  readily available everywhere, and completely free

  more detailed model; can automate more complex layout development

but --
seems to have some restrictions on use
not available by default on any system
steeper learning curve

If you are doing a lot of complex layouts, I think it would be to your advantage to learn about pyqt4 and try it. If you are comfortable with tkinter, and you can automate enough steps through class reuse or whatever, you might prefer to stay with it.
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which is best way to create GUI based app?573