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Paid Hosting Users - Notification to relocate Hosting

Please note intend to retire the paid web hosting services. We do not have adequate support to cover billing, refunds and technical support enquiries. We started as a not for profit web hosting provider which meant we relied on volunteers to help. As time has passed those volunteers have other commitments elsewhere.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused. We hope you are able to find suitable web hosting elsewhere. We will remain active as a free web hosting provider should you wish to use that service. More information here:

We have granted 30 days for you to be able to relocate to another suitable paid web hosting provider. Please backup all files and databases. We have disabled billing to your accounts, meaning no further payments will be taken. if you recently paid a hosting invoice (within the last 30 days) we will be refunding it within the next 7 days.
Thank you for reading.
Kind Regards,

Please do NOT contact me via PM for support request`s, use the support forum instead, you will get a faster response.
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Does this include reseller accounts?
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Is my paid account safe?
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We will make other arrangements for our trusted members. I do appologise for this, as some of you may know I now have a baby to look after. That means I do not have time to reply to support tickets promptly anymore. If anything, any free time I have is to catch-up on sleep.

To add insult to injury, a 'former' paid hosting user has been pestering my friends on social media. That's simply not acceptable.

I can only appologise for the inconvenience and I hope you can understand my situation. As mentioned, free hosting services will not be affected. The support is community based and you guys do a wonderfuly job of helping each other out.
Please do NOT contact me via PM for support request`s, use the support forum instead, you will get a faster response.
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Thank you for the paid hosting service that you have provided. I have used a number of both paid and free hosts over the years and your service has been easily distinguishable as the best run, least b.s., friendliest and most competently set up hosting server I have used. Looking back at my account, I noticed that it had been almost 2 years since there was anything remotely serious that required contacting you.

Even your free hosting is better in every way than much of the paid hosting out there. Using your services has provided me a great opportunity to learn much more about web hosting and setting up websites than I would have ever imagined when I signed up for your forum 4 1/2 years ago.

I wish there was some way I could offer to help you keep this going but my skills are more administrative than technical and could not provide what you probably need. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be trying to figure out what I need to find a new home for and where. And, it's obviously time to become more active in the forum again, something I've haven't been doing much since I set up a paid account 2 years ago.

Thanks again for the great job you have done and continue to do with the forum and the hosting opportunities you offer.

And most important of all, congratulations on your family!
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Congratulations on your baby!  If this is your first, it will be the time of your life and a wonderful growing experience.  Don't worry about making mistakes (you will), lots of love will negate their effects.

I'm saddened that a 'former' paid hosting user has been pestering your friends on social media.

GigaRocket has always been an excellent free web hoster.
I just thought this. My website is suspended..Please unsuspend it so to be able to collect my files...It's very important. My invoice number is 2332
Its very sad to see you guys are stopping paid hosting. I hope that you could continue paid hosting with cheaper plans but only providing support through forum. There are lots of people in forum (including people like who uses free hosting) who could at least provide some words of wisdom to people that use paid hosting whenever they need support.
Please note that GigaRocket will be moving to a new server at beginning of July. When that happens the plan is to terminate all paid accounts before the move. If there are any members in @helpremember 's and @GigaGreg s category, paid members who are also contributing member or staff of this Forum for a long while, could you please PM me with a detailed list of your paid hosting account panel name and Websites. We can then ask @DJB and @un4saken to check them through for inclusion in the new server.
Can you please reactivate the site? I have paid for last time. I forget to backup only one website. Please enable it and i need 2-3 hours only to get my files. I forgot websites from a site. Please let me know here

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