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The Crisis Beyond

Found within the old tome, handed down from his grandfather, was an ancient arte that would speak in existence the very thing Jason desired the most, Power.

Jay did not currently possess the mental fortitude necessary to perform even the slightest of artes in general. The desire to know the unknown was within his family's grasp. Jay's father insisted Jason is the key to unlocking his family's hidden potential.

He was in for a journey. An oath he made his father echoed in his mind as he began to pack.

"Father I will bring Power to our family. This I promise you!"

He needed to head to Stoneberry. It was the closest town that had a mage.

"Surely, the mage will help me. She is my girlfriend after all."

Jason hit the road with adventure gear and 50 gald. He jingled the coins.

"Not much but it'll have to do."
Mitsuki, r u japanese? or just a nickname from an anime?

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