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Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach!

Hello everybody,

After all those massive data breaches how do you know if your personal details are at risk ?

Very interesting and useful check it up !
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This is a trustable tool made by a former security engineer at Microsoft. I have been using it for a while to find accounts of mine that are at risk, and quickly change the password. Also, everyone, never forgot to never reuse passwords for important accounts and it is never not a good time for a password change. Keep those accounts nice and secure!
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Hello SeductiveWalrus,

Nice user name very funny :)

Thanks for clarifying things up, so this former security engineer had a great idea, special thanks to him !
In my opinion, the best is to use a password manager (like LastPass, KeePass, Dashlane ...) to generate really strong passwords, all you will need to remember is one big and complex password, the ones who opens your vault.

Create truly strong passwords and remember it :

cheers ! :)
Nothing is secure , all system have a flaw
Even it is configured as edge devices
Stick with most big company for better protection
They know how to protect their asset
Unlike any startup newbies that put us at risk
After having my identity stolen, I learned a lot about this sort of thing. @Timfarj, those big companies are Big targets! I don't trust the giants. Remember the breach with LinkedIn? Yahoo? And Equifax? They are some pretty big players and their breaches exposed identifiable info on billions of people in the United States and abroad. Big companies aren't safe, they're just big targets.

Sadly, it isn't just the internet that leaves people vulnerable to hacking and identity theft, phone numbers do too... Apparently.

@anna0, thank you for sharing that link. I just checked the four emails that I primarily used over the past 10 years and discovered that three of the four have been exposed (multiple times), exposing my identifiable information, including my physical address. Scarry!  Shock 

Just as an FYI, the only email I used that did NOT get exposed was my Gmail and I have had that for many years. Perhaps they are safe?  Unknown
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(11-04-2019, 04:48 AM)Dee13211 Wrote: Just as an FYI, the only email I used that did NOT get exposed was my Gmail and I have had that for many years. Perhaps they are safe?  Unknown
I feel that Google itself - through its over zealous security measures - is a threat to my gmail account. Particularly when I am using a different device, or travel from one country or another country, or even one spot in one city to another spot in the same city. Google loves to then block the account. And then one has to figure out how to get access to it again. So for me Google security measures are a threat to my email account - ironically so. I'm considering moving my personal email address somewhere else. Google has become too automated on a massive scale. I rarely feel safe when I use the account, and not from threats externally, more like from Google security measures that seem to like you to be glued in one spot and with the same device all of the time. I guess they think every one is on a smart phone and using gmail with smartphones only. I don't use gmail on my smart phone, only on my laptop or desktop. I guess one can even say Google Gmail security is not that desktop or laptop friendly. They prefer you to be on a smartphone where they need to have access to the phone number and all of your personal details. And how safe is that? Totally at the mercy of gmail.
@Genesis, I usually only access my Gmail from my laptop but I have at times from my smartphone or tablet. I personally have never had a problem with it. Good thing too because their customer support is nil, like they don't have one... at all!

I  actually think that at some point they too will get breached or hacked just because of their sheer size. Can you hear the bragging of the one being carted off to prison for that hack job? "Yep, it was me. I did the impossible. I went where no man has gone before!"  Wacko

As you are considering another email provider, let me suggest staying away from Yahoo... Far away! They are always getting hacked!
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All our data are compromised one way or another - there is no particular security when you use the internet.. Expect even the bigger companies to sell your data or info to the highest bidder..
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I love this website. I found out about it a few years ago and discovered my passwords were leaked, didn't change anything until I got this exact email below which has been reported everywhere lol. Realised it was automatic when several of my email addresses got the exact same email and finally started using Lastpass, no regrets!

[Image: sextortion_email.JPG]
I use password manager program already for years. Rarely do use the same password for sites unless it's for something not really important. Otherwise I love to use the randomly generated passwords the password manager programma provides. Though without the password manager program, I'm lost since no way I'll every remember the passwords I use to be honest :-)

One checked that site myself to see if my passwords were compromised and surprisingly some were. Perfect way to keep you alarmed to change passwords from time to time, you never know
Yup!  Brilliant sites.  There's one for emails and one for passwords.  Many sites don't allow you to use double letters in passwords but I don't understand why.
IMO using muultiples is a great way to defeat dictionary attacks.  I use a password manager to generate and remember all my passwords.

With email addresses,  it's just too easy to sign up for things with email and then that company has a data breach so I use the website below to hide my email but you also have aliases in your Microsoft Outlook account.

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Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach!555