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Can you remember the first video game you played?

I remember my first played video game was "GTA Vice City". What is yours?
mine was rome total war.It is still on of the best games i've ever played.
I was 5 years old and my brother was playing Lego Star wars on PS2. I cried until my parents told him to let me have a turn. I didn't know the controls and he refused to tell me. Good times.
[Image: qDvIMeq.png]
I'm not sure but I think among the earliest is Commander Keen (4) and CD-Man (the shareware version) that I played on my dad's work laptop. The display wasn't able to show colours, only black and white. Tongue

I also played NES games relativly early, at my friends house. Ice Climbers, Super Mario Bros. 3, and others. I eventually got my own NES but that was a bit later.
My first PC game was Minecraft. It is still IMO one of the best games of this generation.
First game I played was GTA 3. I actually was not playing it, my elder brother was playing it instead though
First PC game I played was Boulder Dash
Battle City on NES, best game I've ever played, just so happens to be the first
My first video game? I think the first one was the game n Watch, where Mario and Luigi is delivering the colas.
My first video game is Alice Dragon's in MegaDrive but in PC its Counter Strike 1.6 Biggrin
I think Most Of Us Started With Mario & Contra ?

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Can you remember the first video game you played?352