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Can you remember the first video game you played?

another older here....jjeejej..
I played Pac-Man and the first Mario i think...
In PC i can remember ELVIRA Misstress of the dark, Leisure Suit Larry.... and all of the King Quest saga...
The 1st game i played in my school PC was RoadRash and Need for Speed II. The best experience ever.

Good old memories.
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Yahoo Yeah. I have used Roadrash in Virtual Machine few times + Windows XP. BUt unable to make Need for speed 2 to work. 

Also playing Mario game in NES emulator.

But to be frank after playing AAA games I am not interested in Old games or I have become very old lol.
I knew video games with F-19 simulator in an HP vectra, after that i played Prince of Persia (first version). It's been a long way from then, passing through intellivision, nintendo and a xbox 360, and of course, computers games  Smile
Tetris on the old school non-back-lit grey scaled GameBoy... then when the the GamBoy color came out it was Pokemon Gold and Super Mario bros all day everyday. Don't get me started when the DS came out... and mannnn the Nintendo-64 had me hooked on Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart... Super Smash was okay but it started getting really good when the Wiii came out for it.  Now for the PS2... mostly GTA games I liked. FPS games on the Playstation were still difficult for me to play because of the controller layout and bad graphics. ... until the Xbox came out with Halo and then Microsoft got me hooked conventionally onto COD4 for a while. I played a lot of PSP as well.... but I think my absolute favorite game when I was a kid was Super Mario Kart on the DS where you could connect wireless to others and play multiplayer... best bus rides to school on those days. The first game I actually played on the PC was DOOM95... talk about old school.. still have the CDs... oh and NASCAR for some reason.
My first played video game was Mario Bros on NES. My god, what memories. That remonds me that I'm not that young anymore...
Specially when I ead pople mentionning Playstation or what so ever.
"Fortunately", I have readen Atari here and there   :-D
eladkarako Wrote:Sky Roads
A classic! I've played it a lot. I think I managed to finish the last level at some point.
eladkarako Wrote:dangerous dave
Dave! I remember you. Not a game I played a lot of though.
coonebro Wrote:the Nintendo-64 had me hooked on Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart... Super Smash was okay but it started getting really good when the Wiii came out for it.
Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64 were my first two games to N64. I can't imagine how many hours I've played Mario Kart with friends. Personally I liked the older Super Smash. I get them mixed up but I think both games to N64 and Game Cube were better than the one for Wii.
I think mine was on the PS2, I cant remeber what it might have been some kind of gran turismo game im not sure. either way it still has my childhood and is stored very safe in my house
My favorite game is Banjo Kazooie , it took me hours upon hours to take down the witch at the end  but the chess level where you have to know the answers from the witches sister and you have to answer all the questions to get passed that part , thank god i read those when i first played lol
The first game I played on PC was Minecraft. It was most popular game and it is very playable still today. A lot of my friends still playes Minecraft. After Minecraft, I played CS 1.6.
What about you??
First game I played was CS counter strike and game minecraft. I used to really like the game Yahoo
I grew up when the Commodore 64 was the cool kid on the block.
R-type all the way !
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Heck yeah I can! It was Pokemon Blue on Gameboy Color. I thought I was the coolest kid in my class, so all of my friends would come over and we would take turns playing it.
Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc
Well, to be fair, no I don't remember because I'm in my 50's.  I played some of the earliest computer games.  I remember playing a text based adventure game on the BBC Micro called Twin Kingdom Valley.  It had a few pictures in it but mostly you typed n to go North.  :)  Centipede was brilliant.  It was a take on space invaders.
My first videogame was was the Prince of Persia 2:The Shadow and the Flame and I still have the warmest memories of this time...Also WarCraft 3 was a huge part of my life in the childhood. I spent whole days and nights playing it, skipping school on various occasions and it was a wonderful time...
Metal Gear solid Snake PS1. I'll never forget a scene in the game
First game on PC i can remember: "Jill of the Jungle"

Followd by "Castles"
Snake on some old Nokia I had when I was ~10.

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