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[Question] How to get free SSL?

I've heard that Google is going to give low rank to http sites compared to https sites, I only know that it's related to SSL certificates, but I don't know how it's really done, so if anyone can give any advice it would be helpful.
Our cPanel should automatically create an SSL/TLS certificate for each domain added. The certificates are automatically renewed.
If it's not working properly for you, I'd recommend posting about it in the Web Hosting Account Support sub-forum
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Thanks for the information, i was just curious.
But chrome gives ssl error on our login url (
Do not worry! Everything is safe and secure.
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you can use Let's Encrypt authority witch support all TLD domains and issues for 3 months and you should renew it after months for free and support in most of the browsers in all platforms.

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[Question] How to get free SSL?365