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Best WordPress Speed Optimization Ways

I have recently develop mid level WordPress basis website with around 100 page with some custom functionality. After migrating my website from local host to live server there were some page loading issues. I have read couple of different guide on speed up WordPress site and found the following factors: 
  1. Install a specialized caching plugin
  2. Look for Inactive Plugins or for Plugins that Don’t Work Properly
  3. Compress Media Files
  4. Compress Your Website’s Size
  5. Optimize Your Website’s Homepage
  6. Minify JavaScript and CSS Files
Are there any other ways to optimize my website? As my website is currently loading in 5 second.
First of all, many web hosting companies try to force web owners to upgrade by reduce cpu and send warning messages via email and/or show the ugly "Exceed..." error notice to visitors, just make sure you use a good host not a cheap one

you also may want to take a look at this
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I would recommend using WP Rocket plugin for your needs which is the best WordPress caching plugin on the market. This plugin offers an all-in-one approach to WordPress optimization allowing you to instantly improve your speed and performance with no technical skills manages to remain beginner-friendly while still offering deeper functionality that advanced users will love.
First of all I recommend to try the site in

After in this tool I can see how I can improve anythings to made my site more fast
Try out commonwp - I had written my views about that plugin in this forum and in my blog -
To minify javaScript and also CSS files without installing any special plugins and doing something more , you can use cloudflare system ,
this can optimize your website by compressing css and js codes and also removing extra codes can make your website faster than usual and also it can make cache for your website for faster loading in the next times.

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