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Free second level domains (Freenom)

Hi guys,
If you need a free domain you can check out you can register a domain for free up to 12 months.
Hope you'll find this helpful.

See ya,
Its a good service to provide domain for free. But any free hosting can't access to this domains Sad
Great idea @RedMan - I've been using Freenom from days and it works well for temporary domains. Like be careful to get too attached to the domain, as the more work you put in it, and the more traffic it gets, the better the chance that Freenom will take it back and then offer it to you at a price. I only use my Freenom domains for very small personal Websites that I know will never attract attention, or I use it to experiment with a Website that I want to move to a TLD eventually.
Just tried them, this is very handy to have the ability to have a "test" domain to check routing and such.  I have been looking for years for something like that.  Thanks

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Free second level domains (Freenom)550