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Sega Dreamcast Online

Anyone familiar with the Dreamcast and its growing online community?

There are several hackers who have been reverse engineering the Dialup communication in the Dreamcast games that support online gameplay.

A developer has made a Raspberry Pi image that works with a USB modem to interface with the Dreamcast. It simulates a Dialup connection and allows many games to play online. The Pi directs the Dreamcast to specific servers that do the interfacing between consoles.

Im looking to host my own Linux server to assist in the development to get the rest of games online. (I dont have the $$ to host my own). Currently there are about 20 games online and there are about 6 more. The next project is to get the Japanese only Dreamcast online games up and running. 

Its a fantastic community. I welcome anyone to get involved. You only need a Dreamcast with a dialup modem (which 95% already have), a specific type of USB modem, and a 4-wire/RJ-11 phone cable with integrated Line Voltage Inducer via 9V battery.

If anyone is interested, I can assist in getting you setup with all the hardware. Or at least point you in the right direction.

Keep Dreaming!

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