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Free VPS

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where can one get the free vps?
Not from our hosting.
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(07-31-2018, 04:35 PM)syrosvetts Wrote: where can one get the free vps?

GigaRocket stopped providing free VPSs at end of June 2018. VPSs are very expensive. We decided to keep with the main focus of our hosting, which has always been free shared hosting for young and upcoming entrepreneurs and prospective small business owners.

Please note that the giving of "free" VPSs is not as reliable as a shared hosting account. Sponsors only provide their VPSs for as long as they think there is promotion merit for them and can take the VPS back at a moment's notice.

So think carefully first why you need a VPS in preference to a shared hosting account. At GigaRocket the quality of the shared hosting accounts with cpanel and Softaculous is exceptional. We're under the management of very experienced specialists. Having a shared hosting account is also always more secure than a VPS. You are better protected.

If you are interested in running a Website with games, GigaRocket doesn't provide any hosting that involves games, so if you are interested in a server for playing games with your friends, I can recommend The owner there has all of his servers ddos protected and has a very good grasp of VPSs. Please note that games VPSs require a different setup than VPSs for other uses. So it's always good to get a games server whose host specializes in building games servers.

For other sources of free VPS suggest you google those but be very careful to check first as there are plenty of bogus Websites out there. Even if you should find a free VPS, VPSs can be very short livid and taken back at a moment's notice. It is not as easy to transport the contents of your VPS to another server and the risk of losing all of the content much higher than shared hosting.

If a VPS is absolutely what you need and want, I would suggest that you think of buying a cheap VPS instead of a free VPS. You can Google this or wait until the Black Friday sales - however for now I've had great experience with the two cheap providers below. Hostus is my favourite of the two as it has a greater spread of global locations. Virmach has a few locations outside the US, but they're not always available:
" GigaRocket stopped providing free VPSs at end of June 2018. " Please tell me, does GigaRocket offer free vps or not now?
(10-07-2020, 05:08 PM)eugen Wrote: " GigaRocket stopped providing free VPSs at end of June 2018. " Please tell me, does GigaRocket offer free vps or not now?

No it doesn't. As far as I know the owner planned to for July this year but due to Covid 19 constraints manpower wise it didn't work out.

If you are interested in post-for-hosting, you could check for a VPS. They have a great supply of high spec VPSs available. You need to make 25 quality posts (100 credit points) to get a VPS and 20 posts per month to keep it. Applications for VPS is once a month during the first week starting on 1st of month.
Thank you!

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