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Suggestions needed

Hi guys,

I am working on a niche site. Its a Dutch aquarium vloggers site, could you give me some suggestions of what I might need to add to make it as professional looking as possible?
I think it looks great. Everything is neatly organised for the visitor who doesn't have to waste time to look for anything.

The only "improvement" if you could call it that would be to make your site GDPR compliant.

I don't know whether you've noticed with the last version of WP it includes two pages that are templates for creating your own privacy policy. Basically all you need to do is fill in the gaps, then link those pages to the home page of your WP site.

You can also check out this plugin - it gives you greater control over the privacy elements of the Website, so that you can easily make global changes:

An important element of being GDPR compliant is to have proper controls for managing the mailing lists of your users. If you have a mailing list, you need to alter the language on your opt-in forms to explain what the subscriber can expect after sign up. If your lead magnet opt-in includes a subscription to your newsletter, you need to explain that. It's also a good idea to create it so that there is a double opt-in for email subscribers - meaning they need to confirm that they want to opt in by ticking a box or something. Make sure your confirmation message includes the consent language used on your opt-in form.

Also make sure that your email service is logging the time and date of each opt-in. If you are ever the subject of a GDPR audit these logs demonstrate that you made an effort to follow the rules.

It's very important to create a system for producing customer data when requested. If you have a very simple site, the GDPR Framework plugin below creates a page where anonymous website visitors can make self-serve data requests. However, businesses with active marketing campaigns may need to develop a multi-step manual process that pulls together data from various sources.

This plugin looks like a very simple one to use with not an overload of information:

If you have time available you can read the plugin companion for more guidelines on GDPR:
The WordPress Site Owner's Guide to GDPR.

Thanks mate, I didn't come to that yet. As the website isn't open yet officially.
Hi there! Would you like to try adapting your site to Elementor-Plug-in/Astra-Theme-combination, which would give you many possibilities for a professional-looking-website as you wished? I became a real fan of these 2 great offers.

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