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What is your favourite method to make money on the Internet ?

please share your sucess story, how you are able to make money on the Internet.

What kind of methods do you use and how much does that make about ?
(Please don´t brag, but just tell us some details...)

Do you use Affiliate Marketing or run a Youtube account ?

What makes passive income, where not too much work is needed...
Or did you design a product you are selling ?

What works best for you and is the easiest method ?

Many thanks for the insights.

Regards, Stefan.
I would like to know about it. Unfortunately, there is no one sharing his secret here.
Depending on:
- how many budget you have,
- where is your location,
- what IT skills you have,
- how much revenue per month you aim,
- what governmental regulations are running on your area,
- what is the market demands for your location,
and ...
differs from one person to another.
All of world is in inside yourself.
For me, the most passive internet income is ad revenue from my sites. It won't replace my regular income by any stretch of the imagination, but it is what I consider passive. I have a few sites that I made specifically for people looking for the particular information that I share, without looking for the sites to make any real dough. I didn't make them for financial gain but as long as they are out there, I might as well use a little of the whitespace and throw up a few Google ads on each page and gain a couple of bucks.

I have sold products on eBay through a dropshipping company. While this could possibly replace my income, I felt like it took far too much time for the returns. I had no problem selling at a higher price than the competition that was listing the same products from the same company. But to do that, you have to know something about internet shoppers. I have always priced items at a higher price than the competition and sold fast - online and off. From kitchen items to power tools to cars to houses and more. It's fun sometimes but I wouldn't want to do it on a fulltime basis.

I also threw together a couple of books and have sold them on Amazon for the Kindle. Again, with the amount of time that it takes to put together a quality self-published book, the revenue from that won't pay the bills either.
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What is your favourite method to make money on the Internet ?585