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What THE BEST Ecommerce app?

I will create a website for car part thank you for giving me the best app
prestashop abantecart woocommerce
As Wordpress dominates the entire market of webdesign, WooCommerce dominates its area in my  opinion, and Wordpress has so many extensions/plug-ins for free  making WooCommerce to reach the premium-level in its free-version. By the way, I tried Drupal, and some cart-distributions earlier, but today is WooCommerce time for my understanding.
In the past i thought Prestashow, but now is woocommerce because woocommerce is better for SEO engine. And now if you don't have a good SEO engine you are nobody on internet
The best eCommerce solution depends on your requirements, but I would summarise by mentioning three:

1. Shopify - Very flexible hosted solution, used by approximately 3% or the entire web. They offer reasonable rates, are fully managed and a range of additional apps to help customise your store. This is the solution, if you want a trouble free, worry free option. No need to be concerned about security hacks or payment options. Shopify have you covered.

2. WordPress and WooCommerce - More of a hands on approach, often requiring developer skills to customise and keep your store patched/secure.

3. Snipcart - A javascript solution, offering the ability to add a shopping cart to any website, even an existing site, with very little work. Basically include the Snipcart script and stylesheet into your website header, customise some settings in the Snipcart admin, and you are good to go!
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What THE BEST Ecommerce app?587