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Gutenberg alternative - the WP Classic plugin

Looks as though the WordPress Gutenberg major update is going to be incorporated with the next release of WordPress, so GigaRocket members who are WordPress enthusiasts should probably decide how they are going to deal with this upgrade.

Fortunately WordPress has given all of us an "out" by providing an option - the WP Classic Plugin. The plugin is available in all of the WP Dashboards as an alternative to the Gutenberg update. So all of those who are worried that the Gutenberg update may conflict with their themes or plugins, should install this new plugin as soon as they can.

In the meanwhile it may also be a good idea to play with the new Gutenberg update. To this end WordPress has included a link to a Gutenberg plugin so one can get a feel for it. I played a little with it this afternoon, and it doesn't look like a big deal at all. Only problem of course is when it should conflict with a theme that is heavy on web building configuration. Think I'll check feedback from other users first before I take the plunge for future upgrades of WordPress. Probably good to be cautious and to put version updates on manual for now.
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