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Cloudflare getting into domains!

Looks like Cloudflare is planning to enter the domain business by offering renewal of domains below average renewal rates. I find it like daylight robbery, but looks as though those with bulk domains may score as the prices for renewal are definitely beyond cost.

[Image: registrar_pricing__0.5x.png]
I think it was only a question of time before Cloudflare did something like that. There's a lot of changes and migration going on at the moment. Particularly with free hosting providers. I'm new to it all but it's quite interesting watching the moves and shakes
I'm actually surprised there's no more 'cloudflare' types around. There's even a lot of ssl stuff going on in the undercurrent as well.
It may be good to know Cloudflare prices for other domain extentions cause they are not public.
Here they are:
But they will have a free domain of there own like they provide SSL certificate or they just manage your existing domains?

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Cloudflare getting into domains!383