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Favorite classic sci-fi movies

I'm interested in what sci-fi movies not only were entertaining, but also made a big difference in your thinking.

There were a lot of sci-fi movies in the fifties, but most of them don't tell their story in a high-quality way. Perhaps "the day the Earth stood still" is one of the more notable of these.

"2001" was exciting for it's portrayal of technology, but even better as one to make you think. Are we really? (and still?) a bunch of smart-ass monkeys who live by their ability to destroy their opposition? And is a rocket and a bone basically the same thing (tool/weapon)?

"The Andromeda Strain" challenged the way extreme security risks should be dealt with. Both the political background and the technical details were fascinating. While computer power even beyond what we have today was demonstrated, it was the simplest technologies that caused all the trouble. I will forever know what's wrong if I see a "601" error code pop up with no explanation. A piece of paper in a teletype bell? Well, I've seen a "not-plugged-in" problem with a million plus dollar computer. There was two big extension cords plugged together under the false floor, and they came loose. Obviously should have been a locking connection. I remember them being taped, but I'm not sure if that was before they came apart, or if that was the fix.  Wait a minute -- are we talking movies here, or real life? which is weirder?
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One of my favourite all time movies is Forbidden Planet with Robbie the Robot. Amazing look to the film similar to Ben Hur which cost over 15 million dollars to film in 1959!
I regret that I missed seeing "Forbidden Planet", and knew little about it. I just read the synopsis on wikipedia, and it seems the movie had a good message warning about the demons that exist within us. Definitely an improvement over "the day the Earth stood still". The threat of nuclear weapons likely motivated both movies. In stood still, it is addressed very directly. Forbidden seems to deal more with the root cause of the problem.

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