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Cheapest Popular TLD registrar out there

So guys, i've been recently in need to buy some domain but i really have a little cash on my pocket. Then i stumbled over this website , which is basically giving you a list of domain registrar where you can get the cheapest domain name available.

From the top of the list, there are 2 domain registrar available that offer you a domain less than $2 USD for a year. It was GoDaddy and Ionos (formerly 1&1). There are tons of bad review for their service but i've been heard about them like since years ago. So, i give it a go. 

I registered a .com domain name on Ionos and i was able to get one by $1.18 USD for a year. It's very cheap, but take a note : for the first year only. Basically, the first payment will be only 1 dollar but then the next year you gotta pay like $15 USD for the renew. 

Just on the third list, there's a domain registrar called NameSilo which is offering you first year cheap .com domain with only $5.99 USD and then you can renew it with only $8.99 USD

In conclusion, the 'cheapest first year price' is actually more expensive 'cause you gotta pay more on the next year. 
Let's say that you gotta pay $1.18 USD for the first year and then $15.17 USD the next year so the total will be $16.35 usd for 2 years domain name, on GoDaddy / Ionos. On the other hand, if you choose NameSilo as the registrar, you can pay for $5.99 usd for the first year and then $8.99 USD for the next year so the total will be also $14.98 usd.

It's not that much different huh? But wait. For the first and second year, the price isn't that much different but what about the third years? On Ionos / Goddady, you'll still gonna have to pay for $15.17 USD while on NameSilo you can pay that for only $8.99 USD, almost two time cheapest than godaddy. 

In the end, it's up to you to decide which registrar that you would choose. If you really in need to buy a domain name but really low on budget, you can just buy a dollar domain name and do a saving for the next 2-3 years to be able to renew the domain name. Or, you can simply get some more money to save more money and get a domain at 'affordable price' and cheaper for a long term use.

Whoa, that was long. Your feedback will be really appreciated :)

P.S. : 
If you another domain registrar with cheap & affordable price that you would like to recommend, please do so!
-Dzikri Aditya Darmawan-
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  • Genesis
Great post thanks @awan I'm a great fan of NameSilo and can heartily recommend them. I've got a very big number of domains (by my standards) - 25 in total, and most of them are with Namecheap, but this year I started to move some of the domains to NameSilo. I've been a great supporter of NameCheap and at the beginning of using them they used to have good renewal rates, but off late looks as though they're following the example of GoDaddy with compensating for the first year huge discount by upping the renewal rate. This year I transferred two of my domains to NameSilo, and although there is a transfer fee one gets an additional year free, so actually there is no charge. Most of all, I had great support from NameSilo Support as transfers aren't always easy. So many things one has to go through first. NameSilo rocked in their fast turnaround and above average transfer support.

I gave up on GoDaddy years ago when it charged extra for domain private ownership and Namecheap offered it for free. NameSilo of course offers domain privacy free in all instances. What you see with GoDaddy is also not always what one gets. I'd start signing up for a domain, and end up with a huge price. I get the feeling GoDaddy is just too big for me Think 2019 will also be the year where I'll be consolidating my TLDs as I have too many of those. It's fun though. Enjoy using them, and also like it that I can create my own name servers at NameSilo or Namecheap for my VPSs. And I fully agree with you. NameSilo in the total picture rocks for me.
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  • Yozora
Thanks for the info! I am on the lookout for a cheap domain and this will help lots. Thanks so much for doing the reading and the math for me :)
I was seeking for a chance to get a free .com domain but haven't found any reliable way for that!
I found this good forum a professional place to say this interesting subject and know if anyone has a success for this issue or not!
All of world is in inside yourself.
You also can search for best prices at two more domain price comparison sites:
using namesilo has been one of the best that happened to me online , i love their service and their customer service is super , i havennt had any problems with them since i have been using namesilo. i will highly recommend it to anyone plus the fact that they offer very cheap services. 
I am someone that doesnt ever like to give my credit card information out online and namesilo got this covered because they accept bitcoin as a form of payment
Namesilo is good (Bitcoin payment is great), cheap, but not a cheapest.
If you want to make domain cost cheaper, you should use transfer promotions from registrars.
For example, transfer .com to costs $8,29.
Or yearly big promotions from Namecheap.
It make big sense if you have big amount of domains.
Loopia and Egensajt (Swedish companys) are also very cheap.

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Cheapest Popular TLD registrar out there439