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Website not showing the right content

cPanel Username: agentsky


Detailed Description: My domain has expired recently and forgot to renew it on the date of expiration. I have renewed it recently and updated the DNS for propagation. My problem now is my website is not showing the right content. Already tried to update and change the content just to check if it will work and still it is showing other content. Please see screenshot for your reference.
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I don't think the dns propagation is done. The domain is still pointed to the parking page of the domain registrar. Lets hope that the dns propagation will be done in a day or two.
Not much we can do on our side. Suggest you do the standard things first like flushing your DNS on your WiFi, your browser and your computer. Then next thing of course your domain registrar would tell you to wait up to 72 hours for the DNS to propagate first. Hopefully you're using the right name servers too at your Domain Registrar.

It looks like the old name servers are being used. You need to update to the new ones that Genesis mentioned.
Yep, according to who is info, he is using the old nameservers - and He should change it to and
Oh my bad, already changed the DNS and it working now. Cheers
"Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest!" [Image: drinks.gif]
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