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Getting Logged out of CPanel as soon as I enter my username and password

Hi Guys,

I am getting logged out of CPanel as soon as log in using my username and password with the message "Your IP address has changed. Please log in again." 
When I repeatedly try again and again, I am able to log in. Sometimes I am able to work for long periods, but sometimes I will be logged out soon.

I tried using different browsers and different internet connections.
Any one else experiencing this issue? Or is it just me?

PS: Please move this post to "Web Hosting Account Support"
I've had that happen to me a very long time ago - had to do lots of research to find out what the problem was and the verdict was the problem lies with the ISP. You must be on a dynamic IP and the IP length is maybe shorter than what is needed for cpanel. The only thing that worked for me then was to use a VPN. Took a few months and then miraculously the ISP must have fixed it. But I did have to use a VPN for a long while. I have sympathy as it's a very frustrating experience.

The other problem with the short dynamic IP was that I soon found I was sharing the IP with a big number of spammers - since it's so short there are more people sharing it. So when I tried to register for a service or a Forum more often than not I was declined and I had to query what the reason was.


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Getting Logged out of CPanel as soon as I enter my username and password368