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More resources and Cloudflare plugin

cPanel Username: kegan


Detailed Description: I was wondering if I could get more resources for my website like expand the about of emails I can have, addon domains, and SQL databases because I need to make a lot of emails and I think I am going to run out. I was also wondering if yall would be able to add the cloudflare plugin since it is getting very popular and would be useful so everytime people using cloudflare adds a subdomain, email, etc. won't need to login to cloudflare and manually add the dns entry it would just automatically do that! More information about the plugin can be found here!
@ItsSkittlesYT the owner of Gigarocket is already providing very generous specs for the shared hosting accounts with plenty of add on services including cpanel and softaculous. If you want to make bulk e-mails, that is also against our rules here. Suggest you sign up with a dedicated e-mail host like Zoho or Yandex. As far as I know Zoho provides up to 5 free e-mail accounts per user and you can use your domain to create the e-mail accounts. Yandex provides up to 1,000 free e-mail accounts with your domain. WHM/cpanel is OK for normal e-mail traffic, but not for a large number of accounts that will require additional security and hardening of the servers.

Suggest that if you're a serious cloudflare user that you sign up for a paid account at cloudflare. We did provide cloudflare in cpanel a couple or more years ago, until it was excluded because of conflicts. External plugins including Let's Encrypt SSL developed into a security threat and their use is discouraged by DataCentres. WHM/cpanel has become very sophisticated lately, particularly with adding automatic SSL when you create domains.

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Okay, thank you very much!
I have personally used Zoho mail for domains and its quite good. Not as good as gmail, but better than others out there. There are some limits for sending mails.

Haven't used Yandex, but have heard good things about them.
Yandex is very generous, but their motives might be somewhat questionable as they operate from Russia.

I would personally recommend you to use Zoho if that meets your standard before using Yandex. Though, in my honest opinion, my experience with Yandex has been great so far.

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More resources and Cloudflare plugin551