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Wordpress Plugins to Use at GigaRocket Shared Hosting

I am an avid wordpress user (most people here are), all my current websites are based on wordpress. I am using the shared hosting here at GigaRocket and have sometimes there are http error 500 due to issues of memory usage by wordpress and its plugins. So far I have used the below mentioned plugins and I believe that they are of great importance in a shared hosting environment. 

Some have experianced this kind of issues before me.

This is one of the reason that I am posting this.

I had asked peoples opinion here on which plugins to use on shared hosting -

Its been some time now. I was using a customized child theme to do my seo and schema -

Now I have experimented on many plugins and found the following plugins to be good.

1. Slim SEO - This is perhaps the most light weight SEO plugin available for wordpress. There is no user interaction - just install and activate. Yoast, All in One SEO, SEO Framework etc were causing HTTP Error 500 for me (high memory usage) and I was not able to access the backend. So I switched to Slim SEO. Its pretty basic, but it has all the basic features that most people need including a sitemap.

2. commomWP- This is a CDN plugin. It loads all the css, js files from jsdelivr cdn instead of loading from GigaRocket server. Thus speeding up your website and decreasing load on GigaRocket server and saving bandwidth.

3. Photonic - instead of putting your images in GigaRocket, I urge you to use Flickr or Google Photos and link them to your website using this plugin. This will save valuable space and bandwidth if there a huge number of photos. 

4. Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions - This plugin will clean your database from the unwanted revisions that you have in your database, making the database leaner and faster.

5. Anti-Spam - This is one of the most resource friendly anti spam plugins out there. You can't live without one..

6. Scriptless Social Sharing - One of the lightest facebook/twitter/linkedin/reddit sharing plugin.

I will try updating this list with plugins that I find resource friendly for shared hosting. Of course now as GigaRocket have released the VPS offer, this may be of little importance  Drinks
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There are many WP plugins I use in different blogs for different reasons. But there are some mandatory plugins which I install in every blog I have.

Akismet Anti-Spam - I use the default Anti spam plugin for all my blogs. I haven't had a problem with it so far and it does a pretty good job catching all spam comments.

Jetpack - I know there are some complains about this but for me it's working fine. It take care of many things otherwise I need to install many more plugins.

Yoast SEO - Their free version is working great. It let me customize and do many things related to on page SEO.

Search Meter  - This is not a plugin everyone needs. But useful for me. It gives you stats of search function. Like which words visitors search and how many times each word phrase has been searched.

Rel Nofollow Checkbox  - It's useful to if you have affiliate or referral links which you want to turn no follow.
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Wordpress Plugins to Use at GigaRocket Shared Hosting426