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M.2 SSD Overheating (Western Digital) need advice

Hey all, looking for some advice here.

On my desktop PC I recently purchased a 240GB M.2 SDD (NVME) from Western Digital. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, however I have noticed that when I'm playing resource-intensive games the M.2 SSD temperature can get very hot. somewhere in the high 50c region. The M.2 SSD sits directly underneath the GPU heatsink, so it's likely the that it is picking up some of the heat from the GPU heatsink.

About an hour ago whilst playing Battlefield V my PC shutdown. I did a restart, checked the temps using Speccy and the M.2 SSD was overheated. I suspect the thermal protection settings on my MOBO kicked in.

My question is, as the GPU sits directly above the M.2 SSD. How would I keep it cool? There's no room to add a heatsink to the SSD.

Personally, I think its a piss poor design from the MOBO providers to allow this to happen. Any advice would be appreciated.

PC Specs
Mobo: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. AB350-Gaming 3-CF
SSD: M.2 WDC WDS250G2B0B (Western Digital)
HDD: 3TB ST3000DM001-9YN166 (Seagate)
GPU: MSI RTX 2060 OC (6GB)
CPU: Ryzen 7 (1700)
Ram: 12GB 2800MHz DDR4
PSU: Corsair 650 watt
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You have a few slots try moving things around or add another fan.
That's what I would suggest. Move the SSD to another slot father away from the GPU or add another case fan. Or both. Another option would be to switch to water cooling and a radiator.
Try to change the thermal protector, this is that most laptop with SSD use to prevent heating by SSD

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M.2 SSD Overheating (Western Digital) need advice518