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Wordpress as the best global cms

This is my first time posting here but I have been developing websites usiing differnet cms. And so far, I stayed with wordpress after reading some reviews and visiting websites made from it. I can say that using wordpress is the best and most convinient way of creating a website especially for beginners. It gives you the ability to create a global website with different features just by installing plugins available in the market, plus it enables you to beautify your website without hassle on creating themes. You can simply find themes online and then just install it on your wordpress admin panel. You can create blogs, web platforms and especially forums like this one using buddypress and bpress plugins. If you need help, you can contact me and I will help!
I am too a user of wordpress - no doubt its the most used cms in the world.

Is it the best? Depends on your requirement. For a normal website its good.

For a forum based community? may be not.. I am not a big fan of the bbpress forum plugin. Its cute, but not as good as a true forum script like mybb.

As a portal? May be.. But not good as SMF forum and portal mods. Sorry Mybb - SMF has some awesome portal mods.
I think WP is the best CMS system, very customizable and offers plenty of modules:) I tried joomla but I didn't like it.  Nea
I also use wordpress cms to build websites even though I have been using CMS for a long time, because installing the website is very easy and in a matter of minutes it's finished perfectly, after just setting the theme of the menu page and installing the plugin, wordpress has a lot of plugins for support and provide services to features that we will use on our own website, in my opinion wordpress is a very powerful cms easy to use and familiar among bloggers.

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Wordpress as the best global cms388