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Monthly posts added to forum member post bits!

@un4saken, our Master Tech Guru and Tech Admin of Gigarocket has done it again! I've been wishing for a tool to make it easier to count posts, and un4 did this by adding a new category to the member profile post bits.

If you don't know what post bits are this is what they look like:

[Image: cQjE14X.png]

The first "posts" are the total number of posts that have been made since the member first joined GigaRocket. The monthly number of posts are calculated on GMT Time Zone timing. The above postbit is for a new member where the monthly and total post count are equal.

What is particularly nice is that hosted VPS members will be able to check the number of their maintenance posts for the month. Note however that staff will be moderating post quality. Obvious low quality posts that consist only of a couple or more words for example, or almost empty posts that don't contribute to the discussion of the thread will be removed from the forum.
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This will make stuff easier for everyone - for users and mods in the forum. Far easier to count the posts needed monthly for the free vps. Thanks a lot.
Wow! As always, Un4saken does the GOOD JOB, to help us to do our job better and easier! We wouldn't EXIST without Un4saken.
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Great Job guys! Always improving the service and forum experience. 

The tag under the name also changes when you have 'vps' has you have for 'hosted member'?
This is good news .. though i'm still newbie here: ) good luck in the future
Great work both of you guys. Will there be lots of tweaks required for when we eventually move to another myBB design?
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That's a great news. It's easy for both admins and members to find out current monthly post count. I wonder if it's made like a plugin rather than hard coded to core files. That way it's easy when you upgrade the core or move to another theme.
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This is most certainly a useful change.
Now users don't have to manually track their monthly posts count, which will result in less frustrations. Or so I hope.

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Monthly posts added to forum member post bits!519