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Tools and suggestions for making a Social Media site like Facebook

So I have been given a group project to construct a Social Media website. My group has to make the proposal and we can make it however we want. Our plan is to build a social media website for the University used to showcase events at the student union and to match with people on the same course.

Are there any tools, frameworks, and libraries that can are useful for creating a social media platform.?

Also are there any useful tutorials or literature to read that can help?

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@Barnum4000 I found a few ways of building a social network on youtube if you want to Google it there. Would be nice, once you've completed the project, to share a tutorial with Gigarocket. Theory has it that Zuckerman stole the idea for Facebook from someone in his class. It's not as complicated as it looks. Anyone can do it and easier and also more efficient than in Mark Zuckerman's time as available tech tools are much more sophisticated today compared with when Zuckerman started Facebook - 2009 is ancient by 2019 tech standards.

Key to look out for is how many simultaneous users are expected at any given time on the network. You can check out an intro here:

Simplest solution I found was to use WordPress with a BuddyPress plugin - all for free:

There is also a themeforest paid theme with WordPress - Kleo Buddypress - that looks interesting - possibly may be more sophisticated version of BuddyPress:

This is a more tech developer software option for creating a social network - the basic open source version is free:
Tutorial for installing it:

Then there's also phpfox social network software with a demo and paid version:
Tutorial for the demo:

I also found an older tutorial (2013) (step by step series) that is more high tech providing detailed steps for building a social network site like facebook with php from scratch:

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Looks like you have a great answer.

My reply will focus on the user experience side.

Think through and define the top 3-5 things you wish your social media site to accomplish a Dan be laser focused in attaining it.

Good questions include:
Why does anyone care about the site?
What will the user gain from the events showcase or the other students who show up from the similar course?
Could you get professor buy in by having a professor offer extra credit for using the site to setup a group study session, for example.

Hope this helps focus your design and concept.

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Tools and suggestions for making a Social Media site like Facebook532