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Broken Links

Guys check the Useful Links section at bottom most of important links like privacy policy, Abuse Report, TOS, get in touch pages are not working. Just notice when I try to check the TOS about what can host and what can't Since im writing a post about the vps service in a blog.  btw does legal adult content is allowed ?
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
Thanks @xdude. Will do so tonight. It's GMT (+2) 8.27 a.m. here where I am. We've got one of those rare windless days that beg for me to go and have some walk in fresh air to embrace it. Tongue

Done. Hopefully it is OK now.


I like your signature. Lol

“First we build them then, we pray.” Lol

I’m new to software development and looking forward to learning more and more.

Is there some sort of a link checker that could help discover these kinds of issues moving forward, or is that us?

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