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Did I break something in cpanel

Just wondering if I broke something in Cpanel. The tab for scripts has gone walk-a-bout?
Am I correct in that "Softaculous apps installer" is the alternative?
@buzzawak Can you please me a little more specific about what the "problem" is?

Why do you think cpanel is broken? Can you get in with your login and password?

Or is it just a case of no Softaculous scripts? In which case I checked and they're all there in the Softaculous Apps Installer section.

It's technically very difficult for the exact same not to be in your panel. Can you please post a screenshot of where you think the problem lies?

Sorry Genesis, It looks like cpanel was getting stuck.
I was getting this screen with scripts and catalogues.

  [Image: cpanel2_1.jpg]

And then I was getting this screen when I returned to cpanel. Seems to be hoping between difference page layouts.
It just got me confused to a bit but all is functional.
[Image: cpanel1.jpg]
You're right @buzzawak. But if you click on that little icon - the installer - does it go back to the original layout of the available software? Do you still have access to all of the functions? And it's only a layout issue?

It takes you to this which has all the same options just a different layout

[Image: cpanel3.jpg]
OK thanks @buzzawak. That makes sense as that is a typical layout for Softaculous. Easier to navigate all of the scripts too.


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Did I break something in cpanel482