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Should Netflix be able to compete in the Oscars?

The organization behind the Oscars has been warned by the US Department of Justice that new rules meant to limit streaming services like Netflix's ability to compete may raise anti-trust issues. On the other hand, some people think that the best Netflix original films are more rightfully deserving of an Emmy, not an Oscar, and that Oscars should be given to traditional filmmakers.

Which view do you think is right and why? Does Netflix deserve to compete at the Oscars even though some of their original films might not even be shown in movie theaters? Why or why not?
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  • cuongyamaha2000
Honestly netflix originals should be able to get an oscar. they can be good.
Why not. Netflix originals have some really good shows especially in the marvel category.
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  • cuongyamaha2000
@Yozara just a minor note before commenting about your post. On the title you wrote — Should Netflix be able to complete in the Oscars? — just a slight revision there nothing major but maybe edit the complete to compete. I assume it was what to intended to write since you wrote correctly later on your post.

Regarding the topic, my opinion is that the academy will have to start thinking more seriously about it and many things will change after that. Outside Netflix there are other and each day, even more, streaming services that provide great content and sometimes even better than some cable tv shows and movies at the cinema. Regarding netflix, I would be curious to know what was the selection you had in mind that deserves an Oscar.

For me, I think HBO is more inclined to be closer to archive that mark to be in the Oscars if they are not yet there... since they produce Games of Thrones and Westworld, two giant tv series that have a great cast, production, writers and music. 
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  • Yozora
I find it more fun to watch the Golden Globes awards specially when you have a host like Ricky Gervais who said: " 'Congratulations, Netflix, you win everything.'
Can't say I have seen a Netflix film worthy of an Oscar. But why not? Should performances being deserving of it, I think it would be wrong to prevent them from doing so just because its a Netflix production.
Netflix has so many movies, there are a lot of netflix originals that I've seen that just ok.  Some are downright smelly.  I would love to get a recommendation on oscar-worthy Netflix movies.  Which ones should I not miss?
of course, it should compete in the oscars, there are so many netflix original shows and movies, and netflix has been making so many of them that are really good, i personally like.
The way all Hollywood actors are making there way to web based giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime etc. Yes, We can say that in some years it will be able to make its way to the Oscars. At least that's are my thoughts, do let your thoughts also.
I don't see why Netflix shouldn't be able to receive Oscars. They have really great movies (not all, surely not all). And the acting is also great. There are tons of movies that are made that are competing for Oscars where you think that hell, do they really make chance for that? Yeah, Netflix should be able to compete for Oscars. It's good for competition and for improving overal quality
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  • Genesis
@tdbke Not only Netflix but other media groups should be able to receive oscars too, particularly since the Hollywood movies that are currently being produced are much lower quality than before in that they get mass produced. They find one good one, and then it gets a No2, 3, 4 etc. Very little gets out of there that has super Oscar quality for me any longer, and they keep using the same actors and actresses. PBS should also be able to get Oscars too. Now that is a quality movie producer that can teach Hollywood about what quality movies really are supposed to be.

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  • tdbke
You're completely right that not only Netflix should have the option to participate in the Oscars. From my point of view I think that anyone that produces movies should be able to participate in the Oscar contest. There are truly awesome movies & the acting is mostly a lot better. When I looked at the Oscars at times it amazed me what movies did actually won them, but guess that's what Hollywood is all about...
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