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University network blocked ip

[Not Solved]
Hi all,

A couple of times at the university labs when accessing my web hosting it will get blocked for a day after being used for while. I do have other people access the FTP because I am using it for a group project. It usually gets unblocked after a day.

Is this my uni blocking the address or the server blocking the unis address?

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[Not Solved]
My guess is probably the latter. The server blocking the uni's address. But un4saken is probably the better person to ask.

If your uni's address is a static address, can you PM me the uni's address and I'll white list it on Giga's server. That way by elimination you'll be able to figure out which one is the culprit.

[Not Solved]
You can test by setting a proxy on your account in uni (if it is possible) and see the result.
Also, all of your team can use a dedicated vpn account instead.
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Most servers will have a ftp connection limit set for protection. 

Instead of using FTP why don't you guys use a file manager like

Its unbelievably small in size but very feature packed. 
You can create different accounts for various people involved in the project. You can upload files, download files, even edit the code in the files.

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