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search engines

duckduckgo is a search engine that doesn't track you. but that's obviously done at the cost of functionality. besides, even if duckduckgo decided to track you like google, I doubt if it can compete with google in its current state. I do like the fact that we have such an alternative and hope to see more of them. for now, I use google mostly. what do you use, or prefer to use in the future?
I always use Google but my wife uses DuckDuckGo specifically for the non tracking aspect. The problem is as soon as you venture on to a site you are back on the Google radar. I thing Firefoxe's  "Private Windows" does a good job also.
I have used DuckDuckGo from time to time, mostly because it has been the default search engine when installing Fireofx on Linux, but unfortunatly I always end up using Google because it has a more complete collection of pages.

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