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PHP 7.3 Has Been Installed

PHP 7.3 has been installed with plenty of new features, bug fixes, performance improvement, deprecations as well as new functionalities. You can read more on the PHP ChangeLog page.

Furthermore, we will remove PHP 5.6 soon as it has reached end-of-life.
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First, they'll bring you down to their level and then beat you with their experience!
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Good, Thanks.
Finally! Happy for everyone. Thanks for the updates.
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Thanks once again for the great support and maintenance @[b]un4saken[/b]
One more great update and addition for all the gigarocket users to enjoy.
day by day, i discover more good content about this community i am really in love with it and with the services they provides, a huge support from me and all users from my local.
That's awesome for all heavy WordPress CMS users as it will widely improve site performance. WordPress 5.0 PHP 7.3 benchmark results: 253.20 req/sec ?
And yes PHP 5.6 should be ended, it is just not effective and efficient. Christian Vigh also published a PHP performance comparison in which he found that PHP 5.2 was 400% slower than PHP 7.
thanks alot.  Friends

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