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Improvements on the Gigarocket Forum

So I have been using the forum for some time now and I think would be great to have a thread or space for every person to share new ideas and suggestion on how to improve the experience and the UI of the forum.

This can be a great way to help this forum shape and evolve into an even better place, so you would want to spend much more time and also boost the potential to captivate new users as well to come and be part of the community. 

So for the first post on this threat my own suggestions to improve the forum would be:

1- Ability to have a dark mode theme to go along with the light one we currently have.
Dark mode can help reading at night and be less harmful to the eyes. This feature would be a great addition with the option with a toggle or checkbox for the people who would like to have that extra UI improvement. 

2- Status Tags - This could be small tags, before the thread title like: 
New (to new and recent created threads),
Closed (to display achieve threads),
Trending (threads that are trending in terms of post number on the community),
Hot (threads that have a lot of traffic and post recently),
Best or Top Rating  (threads that have the best ratings and engagement)

A Status tag example:

[Image: t46rZlZ.png]

This can improve and engage people into filter the topics or threads they want to be a part of. Providing a much better visual indication when you have crowded list topics.

Also sometimes I tend to enter a thread that is already closed or you can't post anymore on it. Since they are not deleted from the list a tag on it saying 'Closed or archive' on the beginning of the title would prevent anyone to try to post or do that mistake.
Thanks for the feedback @Kreesher. I know the owner will welcome this very much. He's a bit stuck for time right now, however when he does have time, this would be valuable feedback for him to have. I'll convey your suggestion to him. Cool

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  • Kreesher
Thanks, @Genesis for passing the feedback on. Hope news and updates come to the forum soon then, full of new features. Drinks

Also, I am really curious to see more users feedback and wish this threat inspire some to talk about this topic. On what everyone wants to see in terms of new features or anything they currently miss or anything that needs improvements to make the experience even better on the forum.
Also adding up on the features and bug reports here on the forum. Sometimes I have problems attaching an image here on the composer when I try to preview or post the image don't appear and the link is broken.
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  • Genesis
a really good idea, i support it but why not to add more features like TOP 5 members of this month based on quality posts, this will encourage everyone to be active, so the top 1 of the month he will have the ability to get a colored name? something like that the purpose of this suggestion to make this community better.
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(06-05-2019, 07:37 AM)Alonzo Wrote: TOP 5 members of this month based on quality posts, this will encourage everyone to be active, so the top 1 of the month he will have the ability to get a colored name?

I like the idea @Alonzo and I would add even more to it. Why not make a TOP 10 members. Since you also need 10 quality posts to be able to apply for a host here, this way would be a more rounded numbers. Also, the top one of the month like you said could be an award for sure, I don't know if a different color would be good. But for example, have badges after your name... and it could be extended to the top 3 on that list of 10, and it could be distributed by:

1th - gold badge
2nd- silver badge
3rd- copper badge
Also adding up to all that would be great to have the possibility to select individual notifications to mark as read. Sometimes you have 30+ notifications and you have to open them individually or mark them all as read... and there are topics that you just want to keep for later. 

So having an option to edit and then check individual notifications would be a great addition and improvement.

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