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4 Things Ecommerce Customers Expect from You

1. Deals, deals and some more deals

2. Free shipping

3. Authentic customer reviews

4. Hassle-free product returns
5. Plenty of photos of the products with all of the details that are needed
6. Plenty of contact information
7. Product return info
8. Transparency of information - we don't want to guess
9. Membership of fair practice organisations
10. Guarantee of security regarding personal information that is asked
and much more

How about
1. Multiple payment options
2. Choice of products from multiple brands
3. Access to live support
4. Multiple shipping options
and so on.
1) A professional, efficient, logical website 

2) Quality products, competitive pricing, and yes, free/low cost shipping options

3) Sufficient user community and interaction so that potential buyers can get advice and feedback

4) Rock solid, no mistakes on the billing/financial end (I type this as I am waiting for AT&T to explain why they're double-billing me this month; apparently it's to punish me for actually adding service. Sigh.)

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