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what games you like?

I am a fan of FPS, Sports or CO-OP games mainly. Not a fan of indie games. Moreover i dont play singleplayer games, only multiplayer with friends. The games that i enjoyed were Unturned (Sandbox game), CSGO and Rocket League. Currently i am waiting for huge update in unturned to get back to it. CSGO is dead and full of hackers, not worthy to play anymore. So currently i am playing Rocket League the most. Sleepy
The things which make Rocket league special is no hackers + skill based + no pay to win + cross platform. I mean what even you need more  Smile
I mostly revolve around MOBA-s but if i had to choose id say Doom, FarCry, Crysis, Guilty Gear, Quake
I`m a fan of the Resident Evil games, I also like playing on the Halo games.

I do not get that much time to play on games that much these days unfortunately as I`m virtually always busy.
F1 2019 is really good. But i like other racing games like:

- Dirt Rally
- Assetto Corsa
- Forza Horizon
- Project Cars
My favorite games are Hearts of Iron IV, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Heroes and Generals, PayDay 2 and Call of Duty MW: 3.
Hey, i like :

- Quality MMORPG ( even if it's a dead type ) : FF14, World of Warcraft and the upcoming project C made by Darewise.
- Some FPS : CSGO, Overwatch ( and Warframe / Destiny 2 but idk if we can really put it on this type, i think it's more a mix between mmo and fps mmofps lul)
- MOBA and CardGame : League of Legends and Hearthstone.
Anything FPS. I can't seem to get into the Battle Royal games though. I also am a sucker for any games related to base building.
I find myself Playing rocket league all the time and I like watching people playing GTA V but I don't have it xD
I'm currently playing

- captain tsubasa dream team
- summoner wars
- saint seiya awakening

- need for speed heat
- fifa 20
- monster hunter world
I like a variety of games for different genres. 
  • Sports games:
    • EA's NHL series.  I'm also a hockey nut, so that helps too.
  • Strategy games:
    • Age of Empires
    • Starcraft
    • Warcraft
  • RPG Games:
    • Diablo
    • Titan Quest
  • Action Games:
    • Horizon Zero-Dawn
    • God of War
    • Assassin's Creed
    • Magic Rush
    • Rise of Kingdoms
    • OGame
Obviously I do not have time to play all of these on a daily basis, but I find myself cycling through them over time.  I'm currently on Horizon Zero-Dawn again, this time playing on a higher difficulty setting.
RPG especially the classic one's. Suikoden 2, Final Fantasy, Xenogears? Uhh. Those were the days.
Special mention: RE , Monster Hunter & GTA series
i don't like to deviate from  a specific game series but sometimes i get reccomened a new game and hooked on it
here is the list of games i enjoy:
TF2 - MINECRAFT - JoJo : eye's of heaven - super smash bros and Gnome chess
I love games which are not too complex for me to learn how to play it. Even simple first person shooters can become quite complex for me as I cannot remember shortcuts on the keyboard, or forget which mousebutton to use.
But I do like fps games, adventure games, browsergames (depending on which they are)
Man, this is kind of a hard choice. I play a lot of games. I'm gonna have to say Real Time Strategy games are the ones I like to play the most. Oh yeah and I forgot about Minecraft, that's a fun one to do. Love the sandbox-style stuff too.
Shooting games like battlefield 4 or the barely known game called PlanetSide 2 , is a great game. 
I am also a big fan of WOW and Black desert.
But with my studies I hardly have time to play
Big Grin 
Em, Minecraft, halo 1,2 & 3, and diferents mmorpg's
There's just too many.  I tend to go for open world games.  Currently I'm playing The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Spellforce 2.  I'm a big fan of Elder Scrolls.  I also like Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring but I also play strategy and fps.  Sniper: Ghost Warrior is cool.  I've played a fair bit of Might and Magic, Medieval Total War, the Thief series, Command and Conquer.

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